Faculty and Staff

PHS Faculty and Staff Directory


J.T. Stout PHS Principal

Michelle Tucker Assistant Principal

Jerome Wilkerson Assistant Principal

Dean’s Office

Bennett, Lucas Dean

Owens, Randell Personal Fitness & Dean

Williams, Sharice Dean

Guidance Office

Burney, Amanda 9th Grade Girls

Chaires, Michael 9th Grade Boys

Motes, Rebecca 12th Grade

Ogle, Marlene 11th Grade

English & Foreign Language

Bartlett, Ron English 1

Belcher, Andy English 2 & AP Lit

Gladis, Sue English 1 & 3

Holley, Arlene English 2

Malandrucco, B. English 2

Prior, Carole English 4

Rollinson, Tracy English 3

Walker, Aaron English 1 & Honors

West, Gail English 3 & Reading


Bunch, Paul Math for College Readiness

Goeckel, Julie Statistics

Massey, Jacob Geometry

Miles, Tonya Algebra 1

Passmore, Jarimy Algebra

Johns, Holly Geometry

White, Josh Liberal Arts Math

Social Studies

Baird, Bev English, US History

Beaudua, Kristin US History

Dinkla, Walter AP World Hist & US History

Latta, Joe Psychology & US Gov McNeill, Aeron Leadership Skills

Pipa, Hector Economics & US Gov

Polly, Edward World History

Shryock, Chad AP Human Geo & US History

Silcox, Ernie World History Watson, Kim Leadership Skills & AVID


Boland, Jan Engineering Campbell, Joshua Environmental Science

Clark, Karen Biomedical & Biology

Latta, Diana AP Env Science & Chemistry

McDaniel, James Marine Science & Chemistry

Motl, Mark Chemistry

Polite, Darrell Environmental Science

Overturf, Geneva Anatomy & Phys, Biology

Wall, Bess Science & Math

White-Munoz, C. Biology & Marine Science

Career Technology & Electives

Bechanan, Angie Journalism & Photography

Bennett, Levi Welding

Bjorn, Krister Culinary Arts

Cauble, Janet Career Specialist

Couse, Shelia Theatre & Acting

Coxwell, Charles JROTC

Vacant Health Science & Nurse Asst

Everett, Michael Drawing Fales, Eva Drawing & Ceramics

Garison, David Automotive

Harris, Sharon Health Science & Health Asst

Long, Waylon JROTC

Malandrucco, Jeff Personal Fitness

McCraney, Joan Band & Keyboard

Rollinson, Wade Driver’s Ed & DCT

Seitz, Suzanne Business Applications

Vacant Agritechnology

Walther, Kim Digital Design, Yearbook

Special Areas

Hardy, Kim Staffing Specialist

Humphries, Bobby Athletic Director

Purcell, Katie Library Media Center

Riddle, Kelly Curriculum Resource Teacher

Smith, Lance School Psychologist


Buckles, Casey Front Office Lewis, Kristy Admin Assistant

Burkes, Heather Attendance Murphy, Mavis Instructional Assistant

Doane, Kathy Front Office Newton, Vicki Deans Office - ISS

Evans, Jennifer Guidance Schag, Genia Copy Room

Hires, Phyllis Instructional Assist Sharp, Pam Guidance

Keene, Shawn Bookkeeper Summers, Dana Front Office

King, Willie Joe Head Custodian Trembly, Cindy Instructional Assistant

Leary, Trish Staffing Assistant Ward, Tammy Dean’s Office

Lugo, Ana Day Care

2016 - 2017 Awards
Teacher of the Year - Sharon Harris
Support Person of they Year - Kristy Lewis

2015 - 2016 Awards
Teacher of the Year - Karen Clark
Support Person of the Year - Tammy Ward

2014-2015 Awards

Teacher of the Year - Jarimy Passmore
Support Person of the Year - Willie Joe King

2013-2014 Awards
Teacher of the Year - Faith Stamm
Support Person of the Year -Kristy Lewis