General Info

Theatre 1 - Students get an introduction to acting and the world of theatre, they will then learn how perform monologues and scripts with each other and in groups. Students also learn how to perform in front of other people and to use stage directions.

Theatre 2 - In this Class students further their knowledge of theater history and it's origins. They will learn about the people who made an important impact on theater history.

 Improv - Students play a lot of games that help them trust one another and they learn to use their imagination.

 Musical Theatre - The students sing and dance and act out in musicals

Theatre 2 - In class the students are working on a project in small groups. They will implement a social media advertising campaign for school/theatre event.
Some of the social media we will be using is FaceBook, Kik, Instagram,and other social media. like for example, we will be making Theatre a FaceBook page and we'll be updating important information very often so stay tuned!

Thespain Club: is a group of actors. And here at Palatka High School our Thespain club compete in competitions and help our community in any way they can. This information has been provided by our President of the Thespain Club "Sara Korczak"